Design-Build Win: LA County Sheriff’s Department EVOC

Mission Critical is excited to announce that the LA County Sheriff’s Department has awarded the Emergency Vehicle Operations Center (EVOC) Design-Build contract to Sully-Miller Contracting!

This Design-Build was one of two projects that the Mission Critical team has won with Sully-Miller as a client. Mission Critical managed the team’s pursuit through a three-stage procurement that included a Statement of Qualifications, Statement of Proposal, and an interview. This pursuit was made more difficult by a surprisingly competitive field of contractors vying for this EVOC project.

The Statement of Qualifications presented an obstacle for the team in the lack of shared previous experience between the Contractor and Lead Engineer, KPFF. As Pursuit Specialists, we were tasked with finding innovative solutions and strategies to overcome the proposing team’s obstacles. In this case, we did so by focusing on the project team’s strengths and capabilities. Additionally, we clearly illustrated the commonality of the groups, including their shared experience and their shared systems and processes that would make them excellent Design-Build partners as a streamlined, cohesive unit.

The Statement of Proposal included more details for the technical approach to this challenging and vital project for the accessibility of emergency vehicles. To better illustrate these components, Mission Critical used in-house designers to create accurate technical models utilized in both the proposal documents and the interview. The backbone of what made this procurement project a success was weekly focus group meetings with both the Design and Construction teams. The insight provided from both teams allowed us to translate the Design-Build team’s innovations, best practices, and value engineering concepts into more than flat numbers — we modeled ideas in 3D to visually represent each alternative’s reasoning and value to communicate more thoroughly to the procuring entity.

Mission Critical also produced a MicroSite for the project as part of the pursuit submission: 

This website further illustrated the site modeling that we also incorporated into the Sully-Miller Statement of Proposal. The site was developed early for the team during the second stage of procurement as a resource to illustrate Sully-Miller and KPFF’s strength as a united and organized team to the selection committee. This unique project pursuit with Sully-Miller allowed our Mission Critical team to demonstrate a wider variety of our capabilities and in-house resources, such as our modeling, graphic rendering, and website creation, in addition to our proposal management and content strategy and development.

We are proud to have been a part of this pursuit and to have delivered such an outstanding — and winning — submittal for this vital project.

If you’d like to learn more about the technical approach of this project or how Mission Critical contributed to the pursuit win, please click the link below.