Walsh Shortlists on Washington Progressive Design Build

Mission Critical is proud to announce that our client Walsh Construction has shortlisted for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) US 101/SR 109 Grays Harbor/Jefferson/Clallam – Fish Barriers Removal ProjectThis project will correct 29 of 413 culverts currently blocking passage for salmon and steelhead runs. This issue was raised with the U.S. District Court by 21 northwest Washington Tribes, with the subsequent ruling requiring the State to open 90% of potential upstream habitat by 2030. 

Mission Critical worked with the Walsh team to determine the appropriate experience to highlight and built a response around tying best practices from projects both across the state and the nation to restore functional fish habitats previously affected by bridge and box culverts built. Having successfully submitted the initial Request for Qualifications and being shortlisted for advancement through the procurement process, Walsh now moves into the technical proposal stage with final selection schedule by January 13, 2021.