Walsh-Myers Wins Sacramento River BOH Replacement and Dunsmuir Gap CMGC

Mission Critical is pleased to announce our latest win – the Walsh-Myers team was just awarded the $135M Sacramento River Bridge Overhead Deck Replacement & Dunsmuir Gap CMGC. This District 2 bridge project is located in Siskiyou County and was procured in two stages, including a Request for Qualifications and an Interview.

In securing the win, Mission Critical worked with the Walsh-Myers team to develop a proposal that highlighted the team’s innovative design strategies and resolutions of project challenges and risks – all while maintaining safety and mobility.

With a tight timeframe between shortlist and interview, we began Interview Coaching early. As this pursuit was unfolding amid the travel and social distancing restrictions set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mission Critical was already establishing interview best practices incorporating short-duration video conference practices, focused study lists, advanced presentation materials and outlines, and individual delivery coaching.

Bringing lessons-learned from both Caltrans and other nationwide DOT pursuits, we provided the Walsh-Myers team with a winning Statement of Qualifications and the tools to succeed in the non-traditional Interview. We wish them the best of luck over the next four years as they succeed on the Sacramento River BOH Deck Replacement & Dunsmuir Gap project!