Vector Constructors Company Brochure Development

Vector Constructors, LLC is a Phoenix-based construction company with regional offices in Texas and Idaho. Vector contracted Mission Critical to create a new company brochure to highlight their expanded scope of work capacities and their developed Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC) approach and experience.

Vector had recently completed three extremely technical radiology projects where they constructed oncology departments in medical campuses. The expertise necessary to be successful in this type of project is unique, and Vector needed updated company materials that accurately communicated this level of skill and their repeated project success.

Vector Constructors wanted to be able to clearly and concisely represent to clients both their technical expertise and ability to build rapidly in strict, short construction windows. These qualifications translate to a protection of the Owner/Client’s revenue by avoiding schedule or cost slide that could impact their business. Mission Critical created a sharply designed brochure with new content that carries a strong message on Vector Constructors’ qualifications and capacity to support their future pursuits and company growth.