Timeline of an Emergency Project

It started with an urgent call from a new client team just after lunch on a Friday. They needed to submit a Qualifications Brief for an important project, but the deadline was the upcoming Tuesday, just days away. So, the client came to us, asking if we had the capacity to create a strong Qualifications Brief for them in such a short turnaround, and we responded with a resounding “Definitely!”

Without missing a beat, we rallied to a conference call with the client to discuss the project, their objectives, and to establish a brief schedule for the Mission Critical-led effort. By the end of the conference call, we had gotten the client on board with a new style and we hit the ground running developing content and design for the fast-tracked deliverable.

Over the weekend we drank our weight in coffee and ate, slept, and breathed this urgent project. Our content team wrote to the client’s nationwide experience, regional footprint, and on-the-ground expertise while the layout and design team created a clean, focused document that looked like it took weeks, not hours, to create.

Miraculously, and without shortcutting our finely-tuned process of document development (much to the delight of our client and Managing Partners), the Mission Critical team delivered a completely new document, from start to finish, in just 92 hours.