Sacramento JPA Capital SouthEast Connector D3 Segment CMGC

Mission Critical is proud to announce that the Myers-Teichert JV was awarded the Sacramento JPA Capital SouthEast Connector D3 Segment CMGC project!

This project was pursued by the Joint Venture of Myers & Sons Construction and Teichert Construction. The Request for Qualifications for this project was a brief document set out by the Sacramento Joint Power Authority (JPA), which was the procuring entity established for this project to represent the several municipalities impacted by the project site. In addition to the openness of the Request and the brevity of the submittal, the plans for the project were minimal—approximately 5% completed, and accounted for alignment only—leaving the rest to be determined by the proposer.

One of the major tasks for the Mission Critical team on this pursuit was to overcome the imbalances in the Joint Venture and present the two firms as one cohesive partner for the JPA. Unlike Myers & Sons, Teichert had no formal CMGC experience, but they were uniquely positioned with a wealth of local equipment and materials; they even owned the closest aggregate quarries with the necessary materials for this particular job. Teichert had a long history in this region and had vertically integrated into the industry and community and built strong relationships. In addition to these strengths, the Mission Critical team made sure to illustrate how the many collaborative elements of Teichert’s work experience directly translate to, and benefit, CMGC delivery.

To further strengthen Myers-Teichert as a single partner for the JPA’s alternative delivery project, it was important to highlight their shared systems and processes in regard to safety and quality. We left no question that this team could operate together smoothly and swiftly to meet the JPA’s project goals.

Mission Critical ran focus groups with the team to ensure that all aspects of the JPA’s construction and budget concerns were addressed. The team developed alternative phasing plans to allow construction to run in parallel to the JPA’s funding schedule and a cost-benefit analysis to outline how small changes could free up funds and shorten the construction timeline. Additionally, the team developed a forward-planning approach that was based on the JPA’s potential funding, which was dependent upon the award of grant monies.

Between Teichert’s 100 years of experience and Myers & Sons’ breadth of alternative delivery projects, the conciseness of the Statement of Qualifications mandated creative approaches to the layout, content, and graphic elements. The Mission Critical design team utilized our 3D modeling abilities to visually communicate some of the more technically complex aspects of the project approach including how the proposed construction alternatives would impact the physical parameters of the site. We were able to model the main intersection in the work scope and determine how each alternative would affect phasing and traffic. The visualization of these elements communicated more information with less space and were overall more impactful for the selection committee.

We were happy to be able to work so closely with the Myers-Teichert proposing team and to assist in developing the project-winning alternatives and final Statement of Qualifications and Interview Presentation.