Best Value Win at DEN

At Denver International Airport (DEN), airlines handle aircraft de-icing with logistical support coordinated under the Airport's Aerobahn De-icing Manager. As United Airlines expands its fleet and capacity, a dedicated parking and staging facility is a priority to maintain operational efficiency during the winter season.

United Airlines selected Flatiron for this time-critical de-icing facility project using a best value selection heavily weighted towards each team’s approach and experience. Flatiron will construct a 155K SF parking facility for staging and maintenance of 78 aircraft de-icing trucks.

As the Pursuit Manager for the Statement of Proposal, Mission Critical worked with Flatiron to define, technically narrate, and illustrate an expedited sequencing of work to meet United’s accelerated performance period for the project. Our work significantly impacted the team’s win, as the best value selection scoring allocated 80% for the Statement of Proposal narrative and 20% for the competitive bid price.

This win continues Mission Critical’s work with Flatiron since 2018 and further expands our strong performance in the alternative delivery market in Colorado in the past five years. 

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