Tumalo Irrigation District (TID) Group 3 Piping Project – Best Value

Taylor Northwest (TNW) was selected by the Tumalo Irrigation District (TID) for the $10M Group 3 Piping Project near Bend, Oregon. TID procured this critical regional water and wastewater infrastructure project under a Best Value procurement method with strictly limited pages allowed in the Statement of Proposal. By developing concise technical narratives and comprehensive approaches, Mission Critical helped to position the TNW team as the Best Value proposer for this highly competitive Alternative Delivery project.

The Group 3 Piping Project was procured by the Tumalo Irrigation District (TID) under a Best Value model, incorporating separately scored Technical and Cost Proposals.

The scope includes the replacement of the existing open feed canal with a closed pipe system to mitigate water loss during irrigation. The canal system is located in Deschutes County, northwest of Bend, Oregon, and is the District’s only diversion point along Tumalo Creek.

This project is part of a more extensive collaboration between TID, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Deschutes Basin Board of Control, and the Farmers Conservation Alliance. The project’s goals include reducing water loss through evaporation, increasing irrigation delivery efficiency, and improving public safety as exposed canals are moved underground. The recapture of water currently lost to evaporation has the added effect of increasing arterial stream reservoirs and habitats for threatened and endangered fish species.

As the Best Value proposer, Taylor Northwest (TNW) will execute the project scope, including the installation of 2,200 linear feet of concrete reinforced pipe, nearly 3.5 miles of HDPE solid-wall pipe ranging from 8 to 36 inches in diameter, selective demolition, tree removal, trenching, earthwork, backfill, compaction, natural landscape restoration, and riparian restoration.

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