TransLink SkyTrain OMC 4 CMGC

Mission Critical’s first project with Flatiron’s Calgary, BC, office resulted in an important shortlist on TransLink’s SkyTrain Operation & Maintenance Center CMGC project, also known as ‘OMC 4’.

South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (SCBCTA), also known as “TransLink,” is responsible for the planning, financing, and operating of the public transportation system throughout Metro Vancouver and British Columbia. A primary component of the agency’s 10-Year Vision is the expansion of the Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines. This significant rail infrastructure expansion includes constructing a new Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC) to meet projected increases in fleet size. The OMC 4 project will tie into the existing SkyTrain operational guideway and includes on-site and off-site civil work, elevated structures, and maintenance yards and facilities.

The $300M OMC 4 project is TransLink’s first Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) procurement and generated a high level of interest from companies across North America. The first step of the pursuit required a Stage 1 Proposal which combined technical information and pre-qualifications. After shortlisting, the next step will require teams to submit a Stage 2 Additional Proposal and potentially participate in team interviews.

Mission Critical’s Impact

Clients turn to Mission Critical to develop original, high-quality content under tight timelines while optimizing the efforts of pursuit teams. As Pursuit Managers, Mission Critical is an expert at managing integrated pursuit team efforts. For the Flatiron + PNR RailWorks integrated team, our capacity to quickly integrate and align firms and team members were vital to the rapid development of this 100+ page Statement of Qualifications in just under 16 days from our NTP to final submission.

Mission Critical’s collaborative project site and daily communication with the pursuit team leads were vital to driving progress throughout the OMC 4 pursuit. Beginning late on a Friday, Mission Critical quickly mobilized writing, design, coordination, and compliance teams. Working collaboratively with Flatiron + PNR RailWorks, Mission Critical met the first review milestone within eight days. With COVID-19 travel restrictions, Mission Critical and the Flatiron + PNR RailWorks teams worked daily using Zoom and often late into the evening. The result was a technically-sound proposal that communicated the experience, depth of knowledge, and unique approaches the Flatiron + PNR RailWorks team provided to the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mission Critical’s CMGC or Rail + Transit pursuits, you can read about the Las Vegas Convention Center Phase II Sky Tram Design-Build and our recent CMGC win for the Construction Services of Downtown Infrastructure Projects Augusta, GA.

Pursuit Update:

Mission Critical is excited to announce that Flatiron + PNR RailWorks was shortlisted for the TransLink SkyTrain OMC 4 CMGC. Mission Critical will again manage the team’s efforts as we move forward to the Stage 2 phase.

Key Information

Flatiron Constructors, Inc.
PNR RailWorks
Mission Critical

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