OID Group 1 Pump Stations

Taylor Northwest’s recent win on the $19.5M Group 1 Pump station Project for the Ochoco Irrigation District represents the fifth collaboration and fifth project win for the TNW + Mission Critical team.

The Group 1 Pump Station Project includes reconstructing the Barnes Butte Pumping Plan and the Ochoco Relift pump station. The scope consists of demolishing existing and constructing new facilities, including underground and above-ground utilities, HDPE and steel pipelines, 20 vertical turbine pumps and motors, and related SCADA, instrumentation, and controls. 

The OID project was a “must win” for TNW, and Mission Critical again delivered a strong pursuit and built a concise, high-scoring technical proposal.

Chad Swindle

Vice President of Construction

Key Information

Taylor Northwest
Reynolds Technical Services Inc.
Abbas Well Drilling Inc.

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