OID Group 1 Pump Stations

Taylor Northwest’s recent win on the $19.5M Group 1 Pump station Project for the Ochoco Irrigation District represents the fifth collaboration and fifth project win for the TNW + Mission Critical team.

The Group 1 Pump Station Project includes reconstructing the Barnes Butte Pumping Plan and the Ochoco Relift pump station. The scope consists of demolishing existing and constructing new facilities, including underground and above-ground utilities, HDPE and steel pipelines, 20 vertical turbine pumps and motors, and related SCADA, instrumentation, and controls. 

Mission Critical’ s Impact

The Ochoco Irrigation District (OID) procured the project using a best-value model, scoring equally between the technical proposal developed by Mission Critical and the pricing package assembled by Taylor Northwest. Best value procurements provide the most transparent example of Mission Critical’s benefit as a Pursuit Manager.

Mission Critical managed the pursuit of the OID project and developed the technical proposal for submission. Based on the scoring outlay provided by OID and the average final bidding received, each point difference between technical proposal scores offered a bid price offset (positive or negative) of $48,450.00. Taylor Northwest earned a 13-point lead against the competition for the technical proposal scoring. The point lead equated to a $633,750.00 offset in bid price evaluation.

On final review, the solid 13-point lead for the Technical Proposal combined with the lowest price bid earned a decisive win for the Taylor Northwest team and the 5th winning pursuit for the Taylor NW + Mission Critical team.  

The OID project was a “must win” for TNW, and Mission Critical again delivered a strong pursuit and built a concise, high-scoring technical proposal.

Chad Swindle
Vice President of Construction
Taylor NW

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