MDT Quartz Flats Rest Area Design-Build

Mission Critical was enlisted to support Dick Anderson Construction (DAC) and their partner, WGM Engineering (WGM), in developing a technical proposal as part of the second phase of this MDT Alternative Delivery Design-Build pursuit. By leading a rapid and intensive planning, writing, and revisioning process over a short 3.5 weeks, Mission Critical helped DAC earn a shortlist position. Mission Critical then prepared DAC/WGM for the MDT Design-Build interview, helping position them as the best-value contractor to secure the $8.8M win through a combination of technical approach and price.

This vertical construction project will reconstruct the existing dual-facility Quartz Flats Rest Area to better serve the traveling public along westbound and eastbound Interstate 90. The design proposed by the WGM team meets current and future user demand based on MDT’s projections of facility usage and corridor growth to an average daily traffic rate of over 8,000 vehicles by 2040. At present, the Quartz Flats facilities are busiest during summer travel peaks and winter weather sheltering, and the existing site has insufficient truck parking for such events. Vital elements of WGM’s design include wastewater systems with increased capacity and improved treatment capabilities, expanded truck parking, and upgraded building and restroom facilities to support traveler needs while meeting MDT’s Vision Zero program.

This Design-Build project was a Best Value procurement from MDT, meaning MDT evaluated qualifications, experience, and capacity of the firms in addition to a price proposal. Over three stages, the DAC/WGM team provided a Statement of Qualifications, a Statement of Proposal and Price Proposal, and finally interviewed with the MDT selection committee. MDT weighed the qualifications with cost to select the best partner to complete the project to their goals and standards.

Construction is set to begin in February 2021 and will complete by July 2022.

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