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Cactus Asphalt was awarded this Concrete and Asphalt Restoration JOC from the City of Phoenix’s Water Services Department. This Job Order Contract is valued at $15M over 36 months. The scope of work includes various repairs, temporary pavement, and concrete cuts as needed for the Water Services infrastructure. All concrete and asphalt pavement repairs must adhere to stringent City specifications, and the contractor must initiate and complete each project within the Water Services Department's predetermined response window.


The City of Phoenix Water Services Department performs daily repairs to water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructure across Phoenix. With over 4,000 waterline breaks a year, the Water Services Department manages many temporary pavement and concrete cuts. This task is incredibly challenging as these waterline breaks may occur in arterial, collector, or local streets, often outside of City right-of-way, wherever City water and sewer infrastructure are present.

The scope for this Job Order Contract (JOC) consists of rapid mobilization and the execution of permanent repairs to asphalt and concrete pavements impacted by City repair work. In addition, this JOC covers ancillary curb and gutter restoration and other asphalt and concrete repairs as needed.

Rapid project completion was a key goal for this JOC as part of an ongoing effort by the Water Services Department to resolve repair and maintenance backlogs. In parallel with the issuance of this JOC pursuit, the City’s Street Transportation Department is implementing a new Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping project to track and standardize the quality and aesthetics of patches on roadways within the City. The Request for Proposal required submitters to demonstrate their knowledge and systems for meeting both goals simultaneously.

Technical Approach

Mission Critical led Cactus Asphalt’s pursuit on the Request for Proposal as the second stage of this competitive JOC procurement. Cactus had already advanced to the Phase 1 shortlist by submitting a Statement of Qualifications and contracted Mission Critical to gain a competitive advantage for Phase 2.

Above is the pursuit scoring table issued by the City of Phoenix. Scoring for Phase 2 placed emphasis on the Technical Proposal (60 points). A separate Price Proposal (based on a standardized bid list) created by Cactus was worth a maximum of 40 points.

Each point of the Technical Proposal equated to $150,000 in project value. With the Technical Proposal’s substantial role in the selection, Cactus reached out to Mission Critical to develop a proposal that effectively communicated the company’s approach, means and methods, and quality systems.

JOC proposals (whether Statements of Qualifications or Technical Proposals) can often be challenging for contractors to write. Individual JOC task orders, or work assignments, are usually smaller in scope, cost, and complexity. Contractors’ internal systems to deliver JOC work are often part of a more extensive delivery system and hard to detail, and clients often find it challenging to identify key components that differentiate their capacity and expertise in delivering JOC work from the market at large. In these scenarios, we see clients present an abundance of brief task order summaries, but with little detail and explanation of “why” each task order aggregates into overall JOC competency.

Cactus encountered a similar challenge in identifying and translating the critical elements from their deep library of best practices, experiences, and capacities. Through team charrettes and focus groups with the Cactus team, Mission Critical broke out each constitutive element of the team’s approach and highlighted every improvement, innovation, and betterment, from schedule acceleration to safety. Then, using individual interviews and cross-referencing viewpoints of experience, our writing staff illustrated the exact ways in which Cactus was prepared to exceed the Water Services Department’s goals for this project.

In one example, Mission Critical discovered that Cactus had developed the proven capacity to reduce “cut to cover” work windows on similar JOC task orders. This system of schedule efficiency provided a critical betterment to the Water Services Department. Initially, Cactus planned to meet the City’s initiation-to-completion specification of 14 days; but through more focused questioning, we discovered that Cactus routinely completed identical work in much faster timelines. Mission Critical’s writing team created a step-by-step narrative to support this best method approach. Expertise in identifying and vetting the unique capabilities of our client teams is a core strength we bring to each pursuit.

In another example, Mission Critical leveraged our knowledge of the City’s GIS program to inform Cactus’ approach to the rapid completion of task orders. This included detailing Cactus’ specific approach to meeting the City’s parameters for pavement restoration and seal coating and the communication of each task order’s final pavement boundaries back to the City for incorporation into the new GIS Database.


“Mission Critical’s ability to translate our established processes and expertise into scorable content was a key asset in this win.”

Jim Pulice, Business Development Manager, Cactus Asphalt

This collaborative effort resulted in Cactus’ first JOC contract win with the City of Phoenix Water Services Department. Cactus Asphalt brought a wealth of experience, proven processes, and an outstanding proposed team to this JOC Alternative Delivery pursuit. Mission Critical combined these strengths with our ability to translate expertise, best practices, and benefits into scorable, quality content and reasoning for Alternative Delivery projects.

Overall, this was the third win for the Cactus / Mission Critical team and represents a decisive success in the highly competitive regional JOC market.

Key Information

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