Caltrans Yreka Roadway Rehabilitation CMGC

The Myers-Shea, a Joint Venture team (Myers & Sons Construction and J.F. Shea Company), was selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 2 for this $52M Yreka Roadway Rehabilitation Construction Manager/General Contractor project through a single-phase procurement. This is the first Alternative Delivery CMGC procurement for District 2; the first CMGC win for J.F. Shea’s Redding Division; the 9th CMGC win for Myers & Sons of Sacramento; and the 3rd Caltrans CMGC win for the Mission Critical team.

This project is a Caltrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) roadway rehabilitation 3R project located in the downtown business district of the City of Yreka. The roadway is currently in fair to poor condition by International Roughness Index standards, and the rehabilitation strategy is to reconstruct the roadway to current design standards, including considerable ADA improvements. Utility relocations and heavy coordination are anticipated due to the urban site location. Drainage inlets and light poles will be relocated, and various utility covers will be adjusted to grade. Additionally, as the selected Construction Manager/General Contractor, Myers-Shea will evaluate and replace the existing drainage facilities, as necessary. One of the major efforts will be to coordinate with the City of Yreka on an independent, City-funded water and sewer line relocation/replacement project tentatively scheduled for construction in 2022.

This project’s series of challenges, including its location in a densely populated area and its multiple coordination fronts, from stakeholders to parallel projects, positioned it as an Alternative Delivery procurement candidate. This roadway rehabilitation was the first Alternative Delivery CMGC procurement for Caltrans District 2, which made it a coveted contract for the proposing firms. Caltrans showed interested in proposers that demonstrated innovative approaches to minimizing public impact and optimizing the project schedule and cost while maintaining high standards of quality.

Mission Critical has pursued 10 Caltrans CMGC projects with client teams, shortlisting on seven and winning three. Wins include the $55M SR 140 Ferguson Slide Restoration CMGC; the $48M I-215 Barton Road Interchange Reconstruction CMGC, and now the $52M Yreka Roadway Rehabilitation CMGC.

Learn more about Caltrans’ Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) pilot program here:

Key Information

Myers & Sons Construction, LLC
J.F. Shea Company, Inc.
Wood Rodgers, Inc.
Land Designers, Inc.
LSA Associates, Inc.

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