Caltrans SR 70 Binney Junction Roadway Rehabilitation & Complete Streets CMGC 

Mission Critical has worked with Walsh Construction (Walsh) on dozens of pursuits over the past few years, winning and shortlisting on multi-million-dollar alternative delivery contracts across the western US. This pursuit was unique due to the need for the coordination of both rail and levee entities in addition to half a dozen utility providers and directly affected public stakeholders. After six weeks of intense research, writing, and designing, the Mission Critical team delivered a well-thought-out, cohesively curated document that allowed Walsh to shortlist on this vital Caltrans project.

As part of Caltrans’ Alternative Delivery program, the SR 70 Binney Junction project was procured using Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC) methodology. The two-step procurement included an initial Request for Qualifications with shortlisted firms invited to participate in a scored, 60-minute CMGC interview by video conference.

The SR 70 Binney Junction Roadway Rehabilitation and Complete Streets CMGC project was created to fix an unsafe underpass condition, relieve traffic congestion, and improve mobility for pedestrians and cyclists in Marysville, CA. The Marysville and Binney Junction rail overpass structures do not meet current vertical clearance standards, which has resulted in numerous closures due to trucks impacting the structures. In just the past five years, there have been 26 recorded impacts. By replacing and lengthening the Marysville and Binney Junction underpasses, two separate structures carrying UPRR, BNSF, and Amtrak trains, while grading the roadway that passes beneath them, the unsafe condition will be resolved. This project also provides the rehabilitation of the existing corridor to meet the multi-modal vision of Caltrans Complete Streets regional connectivity and local access while reducing future traffic congestion and improving operations and safety. 

Mission Critical did a fantastic job of supporting the Walsh team in every aspect of this pursuit…we knew how we wanted to build the project, but Mission Critical was key in getting our ideas into clear, scorable material.

David Cramer
Senior Project Manager,
Walsh Construction

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10/2021 Shortlist Update

Mission Critical is excited to announce that the Walsh’s team was shortlisted by Caltrans District 3 for this project in September 2021. Read more here.

Key Information

Walsh Construction Company II, LLC
RailPros, Inc.
Odin Construction Solutions
Lucca Group, Inc.
Bargas Environmental Consulting, LLC

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