A Strong CMGC Win in NoCal

Mission Critical was pleased to work once again with Walsh-Myers, a Joint Venture (Walsh-Myers). Walsh-Myers represents a solid team comprised of two expert firms that are both individual clients of Mission Critical. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 2 selected the Walsh-Myers JV as the Best Value proposer for this $130M Sacramento River Bridge Overhead Deck Replacement and Dunsmuir Gap CMGC. The Walsh-Myers team demonstrated their strengths in bridge replacement, roadway construction, and UPRR rail coordination throughout this two-stage Alternative Delivery procurement.

The Sacramento River Bridge carries Interstate 5 over the Sacramento River and spans above Tauhindauli Park, Upper Soda Road, and a Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) track. The original bridge was constructed in 1919 as a two-lane structure with sidewalks and the now-iconic concrete arches. In 1955, the bridge was expanded to accommodate four lanes of traffic by adding a nearly identical parallel structure that carries the additional two lanes.

The southbound lanes of Interstate 5 are currently asphalt and have required unusually high amounts of maintenance due to poor quality asphalt concrete and structural roadbed deficiencies. The roadway around the Sacramento River Bridge Overhead Deck was updated to a 40-year design life pavement, but the Dunsmuir Gap Roadway was left unreplaced in anticipation of the bridge replacement and approach tie-ins. The proposed scope for this CMGC project aims to replace the southbound bridge deck and railing and construct new conforming southbound freeway approaches. Approximately 850 feet of continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) will tie into the updated roadway and facilitate the completion of the 40-year design life pavement rehabilitation.

This civil infrastructure project is located in a challenging site with limited laydown and staging areas. It will also require significant coordination with UPRR rail representatives to mitigate potential delays to the project’s critical timetable. Caltrans District 2 procured this Alternative Delivery CMGC project to select a contractor that can deliver under these constraints and work around high water and winter weather conditions that limit the work season.

“Knowing the competitive Caltrans CMGC market, the Walsh-Myers JV selected Mission Critical to capture our experience and strength and bring our technical innovations to reality. They then did a fantastic job in preparing our team to perform successfully in a new and challenging ‘audio only’ interview format to win this $130M District 2 project.”

David Cramer, Senior Project Manager, Walsh Construction

Key Information

Walsh Construction Company II, LLC
Myers & Sons Construction, LLC
Tullis, Inc.
VESTRA Resources, Inc.

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