Cactus Asphalt Pursues Four MCDOT JOCs

Mission Critical assisted Cactus Asphalt (Cactus) in pursuing four separate Alternative Delivery Job Order Contracts (JOCs) for the Maricopa County Department of Transportation. Mission Critical developed unique Statements of Qualification for each procurement with technical information, team-based approaches, and firm and personnel experience specifically written to illustrate Cactus’ capacity as a regional leader in civil construction. Together, the Mission Critical and Cactus teams created tailored proposals to address each contract’s scope, including Roadway Maintenance, ADA Modernization, Concrete, and Intersection Rehabilitation scopes.

Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) recently allocated funds to increase its Job Order Contract values and the maximum value of the work assignments under each contract. Due to the increase in funding, MCDOT re-procured several existing JOCs to ensure each selected contractor could meet the expanded scope and bonding capacity requirements. Amid the re-procurement, MCDOT leveraged the opportunity to shift the focus of their JOC delivery methods to include partnership as part of their “Team Approach.” This emphasis on partnership and collaboration follows the development of MCDOT’s Partnering Policy as a localized evolution of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s partnering policies and guides.


Key Information

  • Cactus Asphalt
  • Traffic Safety
  • J Mortenson


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