A trio of CMGC Wins in Central Oregon

In winning three successive CMGC pursuits in a row, Mission Critical focused on developing project-specific content that resonated with scoring committees. In doing so, we solidified Taylor Northwest’s position as the CMGC leader in Central Oregon.

In August of 2019, Taylor Northwest came to Mission Critical as a new client for a CMGC procurement in Bend, Oregon. The $11M Desert Woods and Neighborhood Extension project for the City of Bend had a short deadline and required a high level of technical narrative, strong experience linking and an in-depth discussion of preconstruction and construction approaches/ Despite the accelerated pursuit timeline, Taylor Northwest leaned into our system. Together, the Taylor Northwest team + Mission Critical team developed, vetted, and illustrated the intensive project plan and its direct benefits to the City to the selection committee. The effort won a decisive win, with Taylor Northwest outscoring other submitters by 4.43% in overall evaluation points. This success earned both the contract and kicked off a series of procurement wins with Taylor Northwest. 

Following this clear success, Mission Critical teamed with Taylor Northwest on another difficult pursuit for the$31M Pilot Butte Canal Piping CMGC project for the Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID). Although this project did not include the same level of stakeholder concerns that the Desert Woods and Neighborhood Extension project did, it required extensive work planning and phasing to be successful. Taylor Northwest again dovetailed into the Mission Critical methodology for winning alternative delivery pursuits. Their active and open participation led to an incredibly granular construction approach that resonated with the scoring committee and led to the CMGC project win.

Our final procurement with Taylor Northwest in 2019 was for the $11M Newport Corridor Improvement CMGC project, again for the City of Bend. This business-heavy corridor necessitated a focus on stakeholders and the mitigation of impacts to traffic, businesses, and the overall community. Through intensive charrettes between the Taylor Northwest and Mission Critical teams, we identified, developed, and narrated a strategy to demonstrate how construction, the community economy, and multi-modal traffic patterns could co-exist through the project lifecycle.

Mission Critical provided outstanding collaboration and a real sense of how to communicate Taylor Northwest’s experience… their technical knowledge was an important factor in developing a proposal that was highly focused and detailed.

Justin Barden
Lead Estimator

Project Update 02/2022

Since our trio of wins in 2019, Mission Critical has teamed with Taylor Northwest to manage and win two additional pursuits. Read more about our Tumalo Irrigation District Group 3 Piping Project and the Ochoco Irrigation District Group 1 Pump Station projects. Between 2019 and 2022, Mission Critical has pursued and won five separate projects for Taylor Northwest in Central Oregon.

Key Information

Taylor Northwest
CIP Consulting, Inc. (City of Bend Newport CMGC)
Timber Supply Explosives, Inc. (COID, Desert Woods)
Elite Explosive Services, LLC (Desert Woods)
Tri County Paving, LLC (Desert Woods)
GH Surveying, LLC (Desert Woods)

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