We help forward thinking organizations capture key pursuits through an integrated, collaborative approach that blends management, data and narratives development, approach development, messaging and

Meet Our Key Team Members

  • RoAnn Thorne RoAnn Thorne

    RoAnn Thorne

    Managing Partner

    In her role as Owner and Managing Partner, RoAnn serves as both CFO & COO, managing corporate budgets, financing strategies, and control systems that advance the firm's financial health. She is directly responsible for preserving and growing Mission Critical’s operational capacity and owns all human resources functions. RoAnn leverages her background in civil engineering and construction to lead analysis of plans and documentation for over $1B in proposal management projects yearly. She actively manages the team's 3D modeling and visualization efforts, collaborating with client and design team members to develop, vet, and narrate innovative technical approaches.
  • Matthew Costabile Matthew Costabile

    Matthew Costabile

    Managing Partner

    In his role as Founder and Managing Partner, Matt serves as CEO, leading Mission Critical’s long-term strategy development and execution, overseeing all proposal management and interview activities, and building client relationships as the main point of contact. Leveraging over 25 years of business development and construction market expertise, he drives successful project outcomes through his detailed focus on content development, relentless passion to out-think the competition, and willingness to challenge the ordinary. Matt takes a hands-on approach to leadership, coordinating with CFO & COO RoAnn Thorne to manage the firm’s overall operations and resources on a day-to-day basis and ensure both project and firm success.
  • Sara Gaetze Sara Gaetze

    Sara Gaetze

    Senior Project Coordinator

    In her role as Senior Project Coordinator, Sara oversees our unique proposal management process from the development of the initial pursuit schedule, through the management of in-house and specialty staff and direct work with the client project team, to the production of final deliverables. Sara manages the efforts of the Project Coordination team overall, working with Matthew Costabile to integrate our design, content, and technical teams with client resources throughout the pursuit process. With over a decade of administrative, design, and communications experience, she streamlines our unique system and ensures that each proposal is crafted in quality and delivered on time. Sara represents Mission Critical as a subject matter expert in the delivery of industry-best proposal management services.
  • Ivica Bozhinovski Ivica Bozhinovski

    Ivica Bozhinovski

    Graphic Designer

    In his role as Graphic Designer, Ivica specializes in creating technical graphics and illustrations. His ability to balance creative, eye-catching design with a solid approach and communication strategy makes him a unique resource for our Proposal Management efforts. With extensive experience in civil and vertical design content development, Ivica can quickly move client concepts and revisions from sketches to polished deliverables while managing the dynamic and changing environment of the proposal management process.
  • Sadia Abedin Sadia Abedin

    Sadia Abedin

    3D Civil and Vertical Modeler

    In her role as 3D Civil and Vertical Modeler, Sadia works with RoAnn and the project team to translate ideas and approaches into engaging, interactive, and technically sound visual presentations. She is adept at quickly and cost-effectively modeling alternatives, approaches, and technical graphics and is uniquely skilled in delivering both civil and vertical building projects.
  • Rachel Robinson Rachel Robinson

    Rachel Robinson

    Proofing and Content Specialist

    In her role as Proofing and Content Specialist, Rachel serves as a critical check for proofreading and proforma compliance. She leverages her engineering background and keen eye for detail to ensure each proposal is not only clear and precise but also fully compliant and expertly responsive to the RFQ/RFP. Rachel reviews project deliverables for both accuracy and reasoning, correcting for readability, parity, and consistent voice to deliver a strong message. Rachel also leads compliance and the submission process for industry awards and other specialty work Mission Critical creates on behalf of our clients.
  • Jennyfer Tan Jennyfer Tan

    Jennyfer Tan

    Web Coordinator

    In her role as Web Coordinator, Jennyfer manages the tools and strategies needed for Mission Critical to communicate effectively online. She leads time-critical web integrations in support of our project teams, such as microsites and video production. Jennyfer also manages internal web management activities such as thinkmc.com content updates, oversight and coordination of web design, operational web support, and social media planning.
  • Marin Bramblett Marin Bramblett

    Marin Bramblett

    Technical Writer 1

    In her role as Technical Writer, Marin is responsible for writing new content and/or editing existing content, working directly with clients to source and develop material in support of narrative and content development. Marin leads award and submission writing efforts, coordinating with Rachel Robinson and conducting extensive project staff and subject matter expert interviews to develop winning, ready-to-submit packages. Marin supports Web Coordinator Jennyfer Tan with web and social media content creation and serves as a ‘check editor’ for other writing staff.
  • Jamie Hribal Jamie Hribal

    Jamie Hribal

    Technical Writer 1

    In her role as Technical Writer, Jamie develops technically sound, engaging proposal content. With over 15 years of professional writing and business development experience, she melds creative and technical writing skillsets to create compelling, impactful content. Jamie manages narrative development messaging, approach storyboarding, and content outlining, working directly with client teams to translate complex, multi-layered approaches and concepts into clear and concise narratives that scores well with selection panels. She also serves as a ‘check editor’ for other writing staff.
  • Dawn Ferguson Dawn Ferguson

    Dawn Ferguson

    Administrative Specialist

    In her role as Administrative Specialist, Dawn provides operational support to CFO & COO RoAnn Thorne in support of the firm’s financial, administrative, and cultural ecosystem. Dawn is directly responsible for travel, reservations, office purchases, and logistics management for projects. She also supports our project teams on the details, tasks, and responsibilities that make each project a successful effort.
  • Débora Motta Débora Motta

    Débora Motta

    Design and Layout Specialist

    In her role as Design and Layout Specialist, Débora works closely with the project team to establish, iterate, and execute all aspects of the proposal deliverable, ensuring each deliverable is correctly structured and laid out in compliance with project specifications. Débora leverages her diverse graphic design background to create a variety of proposal and interview collateral from start to finish, including client-branded proposal layouts, custom full-bleed binders, and interview support deliverables like slide decks and custom backdrops for both in-person and videoconference meetings.
  • Tyra McWilliams Tyra McWilliams

    Tyra McWilliams

    Project Coordinator

    In her role as Project Coordinator, Tyra coordinates Mission Critical’s team resources to meet the objectives of each pursuit. She works directly with clients to collect and maintain project materials and data, coordinate client milestone reviews, and achieve project schedules, milestones, and objectives.