Overcoming Pursuit Challenges: Las Vegas Convention Center Sky Tram

Mission Critical responded to an urgent request from Aeromovel regarding the Call for Preliminary Proposals for the new Sky Tram project as part of the $935M Las Vegas Convention Center District Phase II Expansion.

Although Aeromovel had already written their Statement of Proposal, the Brazil-based company contracted us to deliver an eight-page, stand-alone executive summary to accompany the proposal they were submitting in less than a week. This project was not our typical heavy civil construction work. The international element of this project posed unique challenges that Aeromovel needed to overcome: the engineering team was based in California; the key Subject Matter Experts were based in various locations across Europe; and the proposing entity is based out of Brazil. This locality was a challenging aspect of the proposal, necessitating a deeper demonstration of team synchronicity and mobility. It also posed problems for developing the executive summary document, which required coordination between all parts of this proposing team.

To create an appropriately informative and strong executive summary document, the Mission Critical team flexed their time and scope to accommodate work windows across the three continents. We leveraged our agility as a team and our technology to produce a high-quality document despite the challenges. Our team used video conferencing to ensure same-page content development and collaborative review tools to facilitate faster commenting and review cycles. Additionally, we managed the final print of the document and hand-delivered it to the Las Vegas engineers on the day of the submittal to be certain that it accompanied the final proposal document submitted separately by Aeromovel.

Mission Critical’s design and content teams are uniquely prepared for such quick-turn projects with the added obstacle of varied work windows across time zones – and continents. We enjoyed this project’s challenge, demonstrating our quick mobilization and flexibility to work with new clients in new markets while providing our trademark quality of layout and design, graphics, and content.

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