LEGOs in the Workplace

Most of us remember the joy of creating LEGO building sets as kids, and those little blocks continue to fascinate both children and adults today. In schools, Lego sets engage students in hands-on investigation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts while contributing to literacy, communication, and social-emotional development skills. At Mission Critical, we are equally LEGO fanatics, but none more so than Owner and CFO RoAnn Thorne.

“As Pursuit Managers, we are at the forefront of project activity, so taking time to sit, focus and recenter is a considerable benefit,” says RoAnn. “Being mindful of taking a short break – either with legos or playing with one of our office dogs – is an important part of the work environment here at Mission Critical.”

RoAnn Thorne

“As adults, we sometimes forget the joy we felt through creative play when we were younger… LEGO allows me to reconnect with that creative side while also keeping the technical part of my brain happy.”

In addition to large LEGO builds, including the 6-motor, remotely controlled 4100+ piece Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator model, RoAnn has begun to build MOC (“My Own Creation”) sets, including a 3100+ piece Koenigsegg Agera Hypercar Model over the 2021 Holiday.