Ironwood Cancer Center Design-Assist

Mission Critical partnered with Vector Constructors to build a comprehensive Design-Assist Statement of Qualifications for the cutting edge Ironwood Glendale Oncology Facility. This project represents a continuation of Vector’s successful work with Ironwood including the Ironwood Oncology and Medical Centers in both Chandler and Gilbert, as well as the Ironwood Histology Lab Tenant Improvement and Renovation (Mesa), and the Ironwood Oncology Renovation and Tenant Remodel (Gilbert).

Key to the proposal effort was the focus on Vector’s Design-Assist expertise, lessons-learned and previous successes in delivering complex LINAC vault construction. The project experience Vector had accumulated with Ironwood provided a deep set of best-practices that supported this specific type of highly technical, fast-paced construction, and the Mission Critical content development team ensured that these skills were fully communicated in the proposal.

The Mission Critical team worked with Vector staff to identify, vet, and illustrate a unique approach to integrate construction of the 4′ thick concrete vault walls while building radiology, medical oncology, and diagnostic and technology lab areas in parallel. As a result, the team was able to propose a 30-day reduction to the client-generated project schedule while gaining a full two-week acceleration for equipment commissioning.

“Although our team is expert at this type of work, clearly defining and communicating that experience was a challenge,” says Vector President Mark Thomas. “Mission Critical’s team did a great job of creating a strong, benefit-driven proposal that really caught the attention of this client.”

We were happy to work with the talented team at Vector Constructors and wish them the best of luck on this project and in their future pursuits.