Following Up: Caltrans Slope Restoration CMGC

Myers-Condon Johnson, a Joint Venture (Myers-Condon Johnson) shortlisted for the Caltrans District 7 Slope Restoration CMGC during a two-stage procurement that included a Statement of Qualifications and an Interview. In response to Caltrans District 7’s Request for Qualifications, the Joint Venture between Myers & Sons Construction and Condon-Johnson & Associates began preparations early, with Mission Critical as the team’s Pursuit Specialist and Interview Coach.

These two firms had never partnered as a JV before, but Myers’ heavy civil highway experience and Condon-Johnson’s CIDH pile-driving and secant wall expertise paired to make a strong proposing team for this particular project. Mission Critical ensured that these two highly qualified teams’ experiences were accurately represented in the proposal, emphasizing their capability in the most challenging aspects of the project scope and their ability to work with Caltrans as a CMGC partner. Mission Critical then detailed the inclusion of a dedicated Communications and Logistics (CALM) Manager and a Wall Innovation Specialist to capture every potential risk, provide specialized expertise and clever innovations. We also illustrated the Myers-Condon Johnson team’s preconstruction and construction approaches, communicating to the selection committee how the team would achieve and exceed Caltrans’s project goals while protecting the schedule and budget. To best communicate some of the more complex aspects of the approach for this highly technical project, Mission Critical’s design team created detailed technical graphics that fit neatly into the brief proposal document.

After the shortlist notification, the teams quickly went to work on preparations for the Interview stage of the procurement. Due to social distancing to fight the spread of COVID-19, Caltrans opted for virtual interviews—presenting a unique set of problems to be overcome for the Myers-Condon Johnson JV. We prepared the team through mock interviews and Q&A sessions, study materials, delivery coaching and technology preparation and we provided presentation materials for the interview itself. Mission Critical was proud to work with the firms in this talented Joint Venture, and we wish them the best of luck on future procurements.

To get a more in-depth look at this project and the role Mission Critical played in the success of the pursuit, please click the link below.

Caltrans VEN-001 Slope Restoration CMGC