Design-Build Win: UC Irvine Bison Avenue Surface Lot

Congratulations to our client Sully-Miller Contracting for winning the UC Irvine Bison Avenue Surface Lot Project! This pursuit was exceptionally challenging due to its strict anonymity. No included information could identify the team, even indirectly. These limitations meant the technical proposal focused on the intended approach, process, and the betterments designed and integrated into the final project.

Having submitted anonymously as “Bison 4”, Sully-Miller Contracting was the selected contractor for this project. This parking lot project will provide parking solutions for staff, faculty, and students, offering 1,000 stalls and 20 electric vehicle charging stations.

If you’d like to learn more about the technical aspects of this project or the impact Mission Critical had on the success of this pursuit, please click the link below.

UC Irvine Bison Avenue Surface Lot Design-Build