CDOT I-25 North Reconstruction – CMGC 

Mission Critical is happy to announce that our client, RLW-SEMA, was awarded the I-25 North Segments 5&6 CMGC project from the Colorado Department of Transportation! Mission Critical worked for the second time with this Joint Venture team to win this $225M two-stage procurement by delivering both a Statement of Qualifications and a strong Interview Presentation.

The challenge of this project pursuit was to reconcile the differences in the JV team to present a single, ideal CMGC partner to CDOT. Both firms are regionally strong—R. L. Wadsworth in Utah and SEMA in Colorado—but they had differing company cultures and approaches to the pursuit process. For Mission Critical, this complicated our Proposal Management System. One firm appointed a single point of contact to make final decisions for the proposal, while the other had a large group that had to be included on every email, conference call, and review cycle and had to meet a consensus.

Fortunately, the Mission Critical team is well-suited for such challenges. We held intensive weekly focus groups with the two teams via video conferences to reach decisions on approaches, safety and quality systems, and organization. Our collaborative platforms for the document review cycles easily accommodated the large project team, incorporating 10-14 reviewers per cycle that left a total of 300-500 responses. Our content team was able to resolve these within 24-48 hours to prepare for the next document iteration.

The Mission Critical design team worked through versions of 3D models for Maintenance of Traffic and Phasing to communicate the complex approaches as clearly as possible. Instead of a single comprehensive model, we were able to include both the overall visual as well as individual representations of what the phasing would look like in each proposed section. This added an element of clarity and accessibility to the construction approach for the selection committee.

Due to the complex nature of this project, Mission Critical brought in a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to focus on Constructability and Construction Phasing during our usual 10th Man Review Process. The SME worked through the construction approach and conducted a work planning analysis to ensure that every possible detail was captured and accounted for in the proposal.

After shortlisting, Mission Critical prepared the project team for the interview and presentation stage of the procurement. Our team created study lists and delivery assignments to ensure that each project team member knew, understood, and could effectively communicate their part to the interviewing committee. Through in-person and virtual practices, Mission Critical was able to coach a large team with widely varying interview skills to communicate a clear and concise message as a cohesive team, ultimately winning the project award.