Banicki Wins Scottsdale Runway Rehabilitation CMAR

We are happy to announce that Banicki Construction has been officially awarded the contract for the SDL Airport Runway Rehabilitation Construction Manager at Risk project in Scottsdale, Arizona. Banicki adds this win to a long list of successful airport projects across the Southwest.

Mission Critical worked with Banicki Construction to respond to the City of Scottsdale’s Request for Qualifications with a thorough proposal highlighting their valuable experience both as an airport constructor and a CMAR partner. After shortlist, we then worked with Banicki’s proposing team to prepare for the interview.

Scottsdale Airport’s runway was originally constructed in 1966 and has had various widening and overlays in the decades since, but it has generally outlived its service life. Banicki’s scope for this project will consist of rehabilitating the runway pavement and the total reconstruction of the runway shoulders and blast pads.

We are excited to see a local client of ours succeeding, and we look forward to watching this project progress under Banicki Construction’s management.