Anvil Wins SFO Jet Fuel Storage Facility Contracts

Mission Critical is excited to announce that Anvil Builders, Inc. won the prime contract for work on the San Francisco International Airport Jet Fuel Storage Facility Project under Burns & McDonnell!

The scope of work for Anvil Builders (Anvil) includes construction of complex underground infrastructure which they are known for as a firm. This project pursuit was a single-stage procurement through a Request for Proposals from Burns & McDonnell. Anvil had extensive previous experience at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), with more than 40 jobs on-site, but they had completed that work as a subcontractor.

As a disabled veteran-owned company, Anvil was often hired as a subcontractor to fulfill the prime contractor’s DBE requirements. This DBE status was an early boon for the firm, gaining experience and building relationships in the industry and at SFO, but it became a hindrance as they attempted to break into the prime contractor role. To help move them into the prime role, Anvil turned to Mission Critical as Pursuit Specialists. Mission Critical took the brief Request for Proposal and interpreted the procuring entity’s judgment criteria and project goals for the Anvil team, laying a firmer foundation for the Statement of Proposal document.

Through focus groups and video conferences with the Anvil team, Mission Critical developed a Basis of Design document and a proposal wireframe unlike anything Anvil had previously put together. From these new frameworks, our in-house design team worked to create a clear and concise document, while the content team illustrated Anvil’s experience and their capacity to operate as a prime contractor. In addition to content direction and design, Mission Critical printed the final proposal document and hand-delivered it to the procuring entity to ensure it met the deadline. The final Statement of Proposal successfully communicated Anvil’s abilities, experience and capacity which ultimately won them the job. The secondary win for Anvil was the document itself: Mission Critical designed it to be utilized by their team and repurposed for future pursuits.

UPDATE 04/01/2020: We are excited to announce that Anvil Builders has repurposed our original SFO Jet Fuel Storage Facility Project SOP document to submit – and win! – two more prime contractor contracts at SFO: Taxiway 1C and Plot 6 Projects. 

If you’d like to learn more about the technical approach to this project or the role that Mission Critical played in Anvil’s win, please click the link below.

SFO Jet Fuel Storage Facility – Best Value