Meet our Team


RoAnn Thorne

RoAnn Thorne

Owner and Managing Partner
If you visit our offices, the conference room walls have site plans, phasing plans, and plans on napkins. Whiteboards are full of new and emerging thoughts and ideas. Projects are in review, with writers capturing the last technical narrative and creating new ways of conveying our client’s best ideas. We combine this energy and vibrancy with industry-leading knowledge of alternative delivery pursuit management. So, whether your company is new to the alternative delivery market or an established firm or joint venture, we’re always interested in discussing your next pursuit.


Matthew Costabile

Matthew Costabile

Owner and Managing Partner
A primary component of success across all our alternative delivery work is summarized by the term “grit”. We simply work as hard as you do. No, we don’t build segmental bridges, WTPs, or port infrastructure. That’s your job. Our job is to identify your company’s experience, personnel, knowledge, and ideas and translate that into scorable material – and your next alternative delivery win. Much like yours, our work requires specialized crews, the right tools, veteran expertise, innovative ideas, and strategies to make each pursuit successful. Add long hours, lots of coffee, and the willingness to stay way past the time our competitors’ teams have called it a day… and you start to understand why we say, “Think fast. Think Smart. Think Mission Critical.”


An Amazing Team That Delivers Amazing Results

We combine grit, subject matter expertise and innovative thought with a strong passion for the win.

Dawn Ferguson

Administrative Specialist

Alexis Gee

Technical Writer

Rachel Robinson

Proofing and Content Specialist

Jennyfer Tan

Web Coordinator

Débora Motta

Design and Layout Specialist

Ivica Bozhinovski​

Graphic Designer

Sadia Abedin

3D Civil and Vertical Modeler

Alternative Delivery Experts

Great pursuits and winning proposals require amazing ideas,
the right people, and the grit to get the job done.


Meet our Team

Meet Our Office Dogs

From participating in personnel interviews to quality control
at lunchtime, Kala and Abby are integrated into our daily office environment at Mission Critical. During our busy workdays, it is not
uncommon to find them getting under desks, waiting for attention
in the middle of hallways or nosing their way into conference calls.




Office Patrol