Caltrans Yreka Roadway Rehabilitation CMGC

Mission Critical is excited to announce the Myers & Sons Construction and J.F. Shea Company Joint Venture team was selected by Caltrans District 2 for the $52M Yreka Roadway Rehabilitation CMGC. This is the first CMGC procurement for District 2; the first CMGC win for J.F. Shea’s Redding Division; the 9th CMGC win for Myers & Sons of Sacramento; and the 3rd Caltrans CMGC win for the Mission Critical team.

The Yreka Roadway Rehabilitation CMGC presented unique challenges for the proposing Myers-Shea, a Joint Venture (Myers-Shea), including the need to coordinate “storefront to storefront” roadway reconstruction across 130+ business and residential entry points; reconstruction of 4 miles of sidewalk/flatwork including 100+ ADA pedestrian facilities and crosswalks while maintaining bikeways and transit stops; bridge reconstruction over the Yreka Creek; and the development of a traffic management plan that avoids “spillover” from construction into residential and “main street” areas. To overcome these obstacles and inform the technical approach, the Myers-Shea team quickly began outreach to business, utility and public stakeholders.

This CMGC win began with early, weekly meetings between the Myers-Shea and Mission Critical teams to develop comprehensive approaches and quality, technical content. We facilitated internal charrettes with the project team members, including Rapid Set Concrete (RSC), phasing and scheduling specialists to develop methods and innovations to protect the Owner’s cost and schedule.

Over an intensive 6-week period, our efforts continued with charrettes in Los Angeles, Redding, Sacramento, and multiple visits to the project corridor in Yreka. As a result, the team developed not only the winning proposal, but innovative and flexible approaches that will reduce the period of performance, meet strict “no closure” Caltrans mandates, and mitigate many of the anticipated impacts to local businesses and the regional economy.

Building on the team’s substantial efforts during the pursuit, the Yreka CMGC now officially begins a two-year preconstruction phase during which District 2 and Myers-Shea will focus on identifying and managing risk, developing cost projections, and optimizing the project schedule. The Myers-Shea team will develop best-practice construction approaches and will support District 2 for public outreach and communication with local and regional stakeholders. Construction is slated to complete by mid-2025.

Mission Critical has pursued 10 Caltrans CMGC projects with client teams; shortlisting on seven and winning three. Wins include the $55M SR 140 Ferguson Slide Restoration CMGC; the $60M Barton Road CMGC; and now the $52M Yreka CMGC.

Learn more about Caltrans’ Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) pilot program here: